Services Provided
We provide a comprehensive service for the assessment of pilots, controllers and AMEs to ensure rapid assessment and return to flying or ontrollling duties where ever possible.
ECG Reporting Service
CAA Medicals
Following changes at the CAA there have recently been significant changes to the reporting for class 1/3 ECGs, whereby these are to be reported by a local cardiolgist. We provide a safe, secure and quality ECG reporting service backed up by expert aviation cardiology knowledge. We provide a rapid report in accordance with the CAA guidance, and include specific aviation cardiology advice for ongoing management. As well as the report, we will provide answers to any further questions regarding the pilot or controllers management. For AMEs using this service, we provide advice on non-ECG related aviation cardiology queries at no cost.
Dr Timperley is availabe for the following medicals:
  • Renewal/revalidation class 1
  • Initial/renewal/revalidation class 2
  • Renewal/revalidation class 3
  • Initial/renewal/revalidation LAPL
  • Cabin crew initial and periodic review (required at 5 years)

If during the medical or prior to the medical it is apparent that a cardiology review is required then this can be performed at the same time.
Cardiology Reports for Appeal Process
Cardiology Opinions for Certification
In the unfortunate and often distressing time when a pilot has recieved the decision that they are unfit to fly, it is important to remember that there is an appeals process for medical decisions. Dr Timperley is able to make assessments and give advice on appeals. More information regarding the appeals process is available from the link below.
Dr Timperley is able to provide an expert cardiology opinion with the background of over 20 years of aviation medicine experience to ensure that a pilot is fit and able to fly as soon as possible. We can provide urgent appointments when required in order to ensure where possible that pilots remain flying. We can routinely arrange "one-stop" appointmetns including cardiology consultation, ECG, exercise ECG, echocardiogram, 24 hour ECG all in one sitting. Further more complex investigations (e.g. dobutamine stress echocardiogram, coronary angiography) can also be arranged.
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