ECG Reporting Service for AMEs
We provide an expert, secure and rapid ECG reporting service to ensure that pilots are returned to flying wherever possible as soon as possible.

Previously, class 1 and 3 ECGs were reported centrally by the CAA, whilst class 2 ECGs were reported by general cardiolgoists under local arrangements with the AME​. With the changes at the CAA, all ECGs are now to be reported by local cardiologists.

We provide an expert ECG reporting service to ensure that advice given to the AME is compliant with CAA and EASA guidance, with the background of over 25 years of aviation cardiology experience.

All ECG reports are now to be completed on a ECG Form 108. We provide a rapid service, with most ECGs reported within 6 working hours. For urgent cases, Dr Timperley can be contacted directly for an immediate report. 

For non-cardiology trained AMEs, the guidance on management of cardiology cases can appear difficult. For AMEs using our ECG reprting service we provide free email and telelphone advice for non-ECG related cardiology issues

AME Emails ECG and consent form  using Switch
ECG Reported on ECG Form 108 with advice on further investigations

*6 Hours

Med 108 emailed to AME via Switch
Invoice emailed to AME
AME obtains ECG and consent to send medical information electronically
We now use a secure encrypted method of email correspondence available to all AMEs using the reporting service. All email correspondence will be undertaken using the Switch Secure Email service. This allows for ECG correspondance to be sent between Dr Timperley and the AME secure and encrypted. There is no cost for this service to the recipient AME. 

The software complies with information security standards, including the NHS Information Governance Mandate, the Data Protection Act and the upcoming EU GDPR .

Having received an invite the AME downloads the free Switch software (PC, OS, iOS etc) and registers. Having received an email there is a link to the Switch software to open the mail and the email with any documents is sent.

It is a simple and secure way of sending medical information and is provided free of charge to the AME.

In the CAA "ECG Loading and Reporting Classes 1,2 and 3" it states

"All transmission of partial medical reports to a third party Cardiologist (e.g. previous ECG tracings and/or reports) should be handled according to the AME's local data protection proceudres."

It is advised that a consent form is used for the sending of electronic information. We have one for your use if you do not have your own form.
Consent Form
ECG Reporting Procedure
*>85% of ECGs are reported within 6 working hours
To start using the ECG reporting service....
If you wish to start using the ECG reporting service please contact Dr Timperley via email for costs of the service and any queries
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